Enjoy hardwood flooring and all its many benefits

Hardwood flooring is likely best known for lifespans exceeding 100 years or more. In addition, they offer extensive benefits that serve you in various other ways. Rich, timeless visuals pair with hard-wearing durability for flooring you'll cherish. Take the time to match your requirements with the characteristics you'll find here. You'll create flooring you love that will stand the test of time. And remember that wood floors increase the value of your home, even if only installed in one room.

Visual appeal you can customize

Choosing the best-looking wood floors starts with a beautiful species choice. Then, natural colors and graining can cater to your specific decor. Adding a perfect stain color enhances the appearance even more.

Other factors will change the way your floors look as well. Enjoy picking the best texture, size, and installation layout for each space. For example, some sizes work better in wide width, while thinner boards work for others.

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Choose the best durability for your home

A durable floor is necessary if you have pets, children, or frequent in-house traffic. Solid and engineered wood flooring makes it easy to cater to these performance needs. But, again, species is an excellent place to start for the first line of defense against wear.

Some species are harder than others, so they stand up better under daily wear. When you add the proper sealant and finish, you're adding more protection. Textured finishes help to hide scratches for floors that look better longer.

Acclimation is a necessary service

Acclimation is necessary for installing wood floors. After hardwood flooring installation, this service equalizes humidity in the new flooring for fewer problems. Depending on the circumstances and humidity, the process can take one to three days.

Once acclimation is complete, installation can go on as usual. And we'll tell you precisely what you can expect. If you have questions, this is a great time to ask.
Hardwood flooring in Atlanta, GA from Moda Floors & Interiors

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Moda Floors & Interiors is your go-to flooring store for all things hardwood. We supply high-quality materials and complete customer care at every turn. We value your business, and it shows how we work with any size hardwood flooring remodel. When you visit our Atlanta, GA showroom, you're sure to find your perfect hardwood flooring. Our service areas include Atlanta, GA, Marietta, GA, Sandy Springs, GA, and Alpharetta, GA, and we're here for you too. Stop by to find solutions for all your flooring needs and more.
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